“Thanks to helping hands I was able to get minor repairs on my automobile, and also buy clothes for my children…Thank you Helping Hands!!!”


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  1. Lisa says:

    Where do I start? Helping Hands has done so much for my family and I. After being laid off from my job, and my husbands hours reduced, we wondered how we could get thru this past Christmas with our children, stress and bills! Without having to ask, our family received a financial gift that blessed us in so many ways. We also received continued encouragement and prayer that our family needed. For Christmas 2012, my husband and I will be making a donation to Helping Hands, so that we can help bless others. I was blessed with a wonderful job in January and my husband is interviewing for better positions as well!

    Thank you Helping Hands for all that you do!

  2. Thanks Helping Hands for your Support!

  3. Lillian Robertson says:

    I would like to give thanks to God for without him I wouldn’t have made it this far. I’m grateful that he helped me to be able to share these special hoildays with my family and children. I would like to thank God especially for the blesing that Helping Hands have been to me and my family!

  4. Vic and Ashley Hamilton says:

    We would like to thank Helping Hands so much for all their help. We just got married and was in need of furnishings for our home. Helping Hands helped us by providing us with furniture and appliances…We really thank God for your support Helping Hands!!

  5. Jimaal & Tonya Powell says:

    We would like to thank God for Helping Hands. Through this organization we have been helped above and beyond. Being a newly wed couple and now expecting our first child we were in need of many things. Helping Hands and the donators have been so graceful and compassionate in their giving, time and efforts. Thank so very much for your support and encouragement. God Bless

  6. Kathy Wyatt says:

    Thanks to the generosity of Helping Hands (and a matching donation) there were 96 boots, two pairs of shoes and 10 socks purchased for children at Holmes and Erickson Elementary Schools and Ford Early Learning Center who did not have boots (or shoes) to wear to school during this cold Michigan winter and were not able to even go outside to play. A pair of boots, two pairs of shoes (one slightly larger) and a 10 pack of socks were purchased for a little boy who had worn through his only pair of shoes and missed school because it was too cold for him to walk to school with holes in the soles of his shoes. When the mother received the boots, shoes and socks for her second grade son, she burst into tears. The child was back in school the next day, happily showing off his new boots and shoes. The students in need who received boots and their families were so grateful for the love shown to them through the donation of such a basic need as warm boots for a child. Thank you Helping Hands!

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