Donate Your Vehicle

Your vehicle donation is fully tax deductible and free towing is available if necessary.

Privacy Policy: Your vehicle donation privacy is important to us, and the information submitted will only be used to complete your vehicle donation process.

You may donate your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat, or RV. You must be the owner of the vehicle and have possession of the title and keys.

You will be given a form to provide information about your vehicle. Once we have reviewed the form, the donation process will begin.

We will arrange to pick up your vehicle, along with the title and keys. Make sure that all personal possessions are removed. You will be given a receipt for your vehicle.

In general, if your vehicle sells for more than $500 we will provide you with a tax form 1099-C, stating the exact amount for which it sold.  This form can be used for your tax deduction.

If your vehicle was transferred for less than its fair value or used for some other purpose or significantly Helping Hands Charity, the tax form 1000-C will so indicate, in which case you may determine its fair value for deduction purposes.

If your vehicle was sold for more than its fair value, your deduction may be limited.

We will notify you if your vehicle was sold for $500 or less, and you may deduct the lesser of the $500 or the fair value of the vehicle on the date of donation.

The above information is for guidance purposes and should not be considered to cover all situations. Please consult your tax advisor about proper completion and filing of tax forms.